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This is an English translation of the original French article.

Nick Cave, my old idol from my rowdy teenage and post-teenage years, came to perform in my new home town, Montreal, in a show of a very peculiar format: a compound of buddy night out, grade school class (where we naturally played the pupils’ part), master class, and psychotherapy session. And a concerto for piano and voice, of course. In a magnificent and unique setting: the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church.

I find it hard to count off the host of ways in which this fellow has been influencing my life, shaping the person that I became, feeding my dreams, populating and infesting my imagination. Above all, he inspired me to start making music, writing lyrics, and he helped me muster the courage and the strength to be what I am, for the best and for the worst. But he also imbued me with anxiety; me, who was already anxious enough, slyly, over the years. For me he was like a distant and mocking friend (to some extent, like I imagin…

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